Thibaut Bremand

French engineer in Computer Science, passionate about new technologies

I am a technical and functional consultant, currently in a project management and N3 support mission for the TF1 Group. I hold a Master of Science in Computer Science. I graduated from INSA Lyon, which is a french engineering school.

I am adaptable, responsible, and serious. Besides strong computing skills, I have developed good organisational and communication skills that I consider very important. Combining studies with extra-curricular activities was for me an opportunity to develop these precious soft skills, and shows how motivated I am. I am organised, autonomous, and reliable. During my studies and experiences, I also learnt how to effectively work in a team to solve complex problems. I am ambitious, determined to succeed, and very enthusiast.

Feel free to check out my CV below and to contact me. I will be pleased to discuss possible collaboration with you !


JS / jQuery


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PHP Symfony




Project management


Time management

























Paris, France

Mission for TF1 Group : N3 Support and project management - November 2016 – Today (1+ year)

- I am working as a project manager and N3 user support on the “Antenna” and “News” apps. These apps manage all the content broadcasted on TF1 Group’s TV channels, and are used by each division in TF1 (accounting, broadcasting rights, on air managers, media coordinators, ... )

- I am responsible for continuous improvement and maintenance of these apps. I work directly with the users (collection and identification of user needs, specifications reviews, ...), I work with the developpers (development follow-up), and I work with the OPS (testing phases and releases).

- I led several major projects : addition of new features, technical improvements, bug fixing ...

Skills : Planification, Project management, Time management, Users needs identification, Specifications, Follow up, Tests, Skills transfer


Issy les Moulineaux, France

Associate project manager - March 2016 – September 2016 (6 months)

- I worked on the "establishement of new web customer paths" and "new selfcare's homepage" perimeters. I drove and participated in several projects with team members, users, designers, and technical consultants. I regularly conducted meetings.

- I was responsible for user needs identification and collection, design and development phases follow up, and test phases.

- I delivered deliverables for the projects : written specifications, tests reports, functional and technical analysis, roadmaps, ... The new web customer paths have been released in time in September 2016 (see pictures below), and the new homepage is under design and development.

* NEW WEB CUSTOMER PATHS - New offers for 2016 *
Subscription path, termination path, reactivation path, options modification path

A new homepage which will be the common entrypoint between the subscription website (Les Offres Canal) and the selfcare website (Espace Client Canal).

Skills : Project management, Front-end, Web paths, Users needs identification, Plannification, Tests, Follow up


Lyon, France

PHP Symfony2 and JavaScript developer - May 2015 – September 2015 (4 months)

- I conceived and developed a web application for the Fiducial Group's internal HR team, used to administrate and generate with ease documents (employment contracts, amendments ...). I developed the full back-end in PHP Symfony2, and the front-end in JavaScript and HTML/CSS using jQuery and Bootstrap.

- I was the main developer for this project, and was responsible for its smooth progress. I planned the tasks. I was also responsible for the transfer of skills to the next team. Moreover, I trained another intern on the technologies used in the group, where I did show leadership.

- I delivered a first working version of the project, highly maintainable, which continuity was guaranteed. This project allows the HR team to gain precious time when editing contracts.

Hard skills : HTML5/CSS3, PHP Symfony2, Javascript, jQuery, Twitter Bootstrap, jQueryUI
Human skills: Planification, Time management, Skills transfer

DCNS (Groupe Thales)

Brest, France

Front-end web developer - June 2014 – September 2014 (3 months)

- I developed a full user interface for the DCNS Group’s official online photos and videos gallery, used by all the DCNS' collaborators, up to 20,000 people. I developed the front-end in JavaScript, PHP, and HTML/CSS using the MVC model (Model, View, Controller).

- I was responsible for the whole project and I planned the tasks. I also had to make sure the product I was developing met the requirements defined by the DCNS’ communication team. I decided to run test sessions with a potential future user to always improve the product.

- I delivered a complete working version of the product, and I presented it to an audience. With this product, the user experience is improved, as well as the maintenance.

Major constraint : The product is 100% Internet Explorer 8 compatible.

Hard skills : JavaScript, jQuery, Twitter Bootstrap, PHP (MVC), REST (communication with the back-end)
Human skills : Planification, Time management, Autonomy

Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada

Saint Jean sur Richelieu, QC, Canada

Développeur VBA - Avril 2013 – Juin 2013 (3 mois)

- I developed and maintained VBA programmes that read and analyse text files’ data.

- I was the only developer for this project in the laboratory, and had to manage my time effectively.

- I delivered working solutions, and corrected all the major bugs for the existing solutions. The users can now use the solutions without facing critical bugs, and with new important features.

Hard skills : VBA, Microsoft Excel



Villeurbanne, France

Master of Science (Computer Science) - September 2013 - September 2016

The engineer in computing is capable to develop the required skills to work in all the sectors, with good relational skills, and to understand how businesses operate.

- Initiation to Project management
- Initiation to entrepreneurship
- Corporate finance

- Object Oriented : C++, Java
- System : C (OS development by groups of 6)
- Network (C++)

Conception: - UML, Merise
- Services Oriented Architecture

Networks :
- Basics, Initiation to security

University of Leeds

Leeds, UK

One semester academic exchange, Computing, Management - September 2015 - January 2016

One semester exchange, from September 2015 to January 2016, at the University of Leeds. I studied management and general computing.

Leeds University Business School :
- Introduction to management

School of Computing :
- Business issues in computing
- Distributed systems
- Parallel scientific programming
- Knowledge of enriched Information Systems
- Usability design

IUT Paris Descartes

Paris, France

DUT, Computing (Ranked top 5%) - September 2011 - June 2013

Teached me how to conceive, make, and deploy IT systems. It allows to acquire knowledges on the technology plan, on the socio-economic environment's computing jobs, and to develop skills in communication.

Extra-curricular activities

INSA Lyon / University of Leeds

Leeds, UK

INSA of Lyon ambassador in the UK - September 2015 – January 2016 (4 months)

- I promoted the INSA of Lyon at the University of Leeds.

- I met students coming from multiple countries, explained them what studying in France is all about, and offered them practical advices on the life in France.

- It was the occasion to meet students from all over the world, and discover cultures.

ETIC INSA Technologies

Villeurbanne, France

Quality auditor - April 2014 – June 2015 (1 year and 2 months)

- I worked for the INSA of Lyon’s Junior-Enterprise, in the quality team.

- I carried out quality audits for the INSA of Lyon’s Junior-Enterprise assuring that ethics were respected, and followed up on the customer and ETIC's members' satisfaction.

- This great experience allowed me to develop rigour, professionalism, and seriousness; as I was responsible to check that the work was in accordance with the Junior-Enterprises’ ethics.

Human skills : Rigour, Professionalism, Seriousness

Campus Creation

Lyon, France

Semifinalist of JEA Competition (Jeune Entrepreneur de l'Année - Young Entrepreneur of the Year) - HandyCom Project - 2015

JEA - Jeune Entrepreneur de l'Année teached me how to write a business plan, how to conduct an effective communication strategy to find funding, legal risks and statuses, and many other subjects.

- I was the Co project carrier and developer of HandyCom, a website which creates complete websites by using a WYSIWYG interface.

- I participated in the writing of the complete business plan, and developed a working prototype.

- We made it to the semi-final, which consisted in a pitch in front of a jury. I had to be very convincing, very rigorous with the timings, and to show my determination to succeed.

Human skills : Rigour, Relationnal, Capacity to present and defend a project, Determination to succeed

Finance Club of INSA Lyon

Villeurbanne, France

Finance club member - October 2014 - June 2015 (8 months)

- I participed in the preparation of the financial event "Finance Week 2015" in Lyon, which proposed finance conferences.

- I had to find sponsors and visibility. I met Only Lyon, the official city of Lyon's marketing agency.

- Durant cette expérience, j'ai eu l'opportunité de rencontrer des sponsors potentiels de l'événement et de tenter de les convaincre de soutenir l'événement, ce qui m'a demandé d'être convaincant, enthousiaste, et d'avoir un bon relationnel.

- During this experience, I had the opportunity to meet potential sponsors for the event, and try to convince them. I had to be convincing, ethusiastic, and show good relationnal skills.