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    My Ambition

    I always strive to bring high quality work to the table.
    I'm a perfectionist and I'm always looking for ways to craft high quality code, and to continuously improve my skills.

    I'm always looking for new challenges and interesting problems to unravel.

    My goal is to align technology with business needs, ensuring every project I work on is a success and brings the most value to the end user.

    My toolkit includes TypeScript, Go, Python, Terraform, and more... If these are in your stack, or you're exploring new frontiers, I might be your guy!


Many Years Of Experience

My Resume

Companies I've worked with


Lead Developer

2022 - Present

GemWallet is a browser extension that allows users to manage their crypto assets and interact with decentralized applications. The number of weekly active users is currently .

I'm in charge of the whole tech stack -frontend in React, CI/CD...- as well as being involved with the product and business strategy.


TypeScript, React, Web3, Blockchain


Senior Data Engineer

2022 - 2023

SaaS platform to help companies optimize their mobile advertising.

I was responsible for the data pipelines, from the collection of raw data to the delivery of insights to the end user. I was also in charge of the whole infrastructure on GCP.


Go, Python, Kubernetes, PostgreSQL, Terraform, GCP


Senior Data Engineer

2019 - 2022

AI-powered platform for User Generated Content marketing.

I was responsible for the data pipelines and the data storage systems. I was also in charge of the whole infrastructure on GCP.


Go, TypeScript, Kubernetes, ElasticSearch, MongoDB, Terraform, GCP

Société Générale

Data Engineer

2018 - 2019

Societe Generale is one of the leading European financial services groups.

I was responsible for conceiving and developing a tactical solution with data pipelines for submitting regulatory reports to the European Central Bank.


Python, SQL, Oracle, Teradata


Project Manager

2016 - 2018

TF1 is the largest private-sector television broadcaster in France.

I worked as a project manager and N3 user support on the “Antenna” and “News” apps. These apps manage all the content broadcasted on TF1 Group’s TV channels.


Project Management, SQL, User Support


Project Manager (Internship)

2016 - 2016

Groupe Canal+ is a French mass media company which has a film library in excess of 5,000 films.

I worked on the establishement of new web customer paths and the rework of an homepage.


Project Management, SQL, User Support


Web Developer (Internship)

2015 - 2015

Fiducial is a major international provider of professional services to small businesses.

I conceived and developed a web application for the Fiducial Group's internal HR team, used to administrate and generate with ease documents -backend in Symfony, frontend in JavaScript-.


JavaScript, PHP, Symfony, jQuery

Naval Group

Web Developer (Internship)

2014 - 2014

Naval Group is a major French industrial group specializing in naval defense design, development and construction.

I developed a full user interface for the Naval Group's official online photos and videos gallery; used by all the collaborators, up to 20,000 people -JS, PHP, and HTML/CSS-.


JavaScript, PHP, Symfony, jQuery

Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada

VBA Developer (Internship)

2013 - 2013

Department of the Government of Canada responsible for the federal regulation of agriculture.

I developed and maintained VBA programs that read and analyse text files' data.


VBA, Excel
My Open Source Projects

Some of my recent works


Action RPG Game (In progress)



Side project to learn game development with Unity. Objective is a multi-platform release (PC, Android, iOS).

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